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Hoffman's Barn Visits & Seminars

More Barn Visits, March 6th & 7th!

We have booked Tania, Equine Nutritionist & Hoffman Rep to come back to the area for another round of barn visits. 

We will be re-visiting the barns from the last session, checking on progress and adjusting feed if necessary. If you were unable to participate last time, be sure to reach out to get added to the schedule.


Friday September 22. - Event Passed

9am - 4pm

We will be taking our equine nutritionist Tania from Hoffman's around the area to visit some local farms/ barns.
She will ask some questions, look at what the current feeding routine is, inspect the horses and give recommendations to get the most out of your feed and 4 legged friends. If you have a horse that is a hard keeper, little to no top line, or you are thinking of switching to hoffman's feed and would like some advice on what to feed. The information she will provide is not brand specific, so wether you are feeding hoffman's, buckeye, brooks, etc. She will let you know her recommendations based on her years of working in equine nutrition.

We are offering this service for FREE, one day only. Spaces are limited.
Once we have some responses, we will reach out to you with the schedule.
Please confirm you are interested by sending us a message on facebook, emailing, or calling the store.
We will reach out to you to find out more details such as; address, how many horses, etc.

Thursday, September 21 - Event Passed

12pm - 6pm

All day Q&A in the store, Tania will be set up in the store if you want to pop in and ask some questions about equine nutrition or Hoffman's Products.

6pm - 7:30pm

Join us at the store for a seminar with Tania our representative at Hoffman's for a chance to learn more about the products they offer.
It is a good way for everyone to learn more about how we are feeding our four legged friends to ensure we are getting the most out of what we are feeding them.

We encourage anyone who is interested in Hoffman's products or equine nutrition; what ever the brand, to bring a lawn chair and listen in.

Coffee, tea & water will be available.
Please bring your own chairs.